Last nights sexcapades 🔞

So last night my partner and I finally had some downtime alone. The baby was in bed, so we finally set the date for our wedding and set the appointment at the courthouse to get our marriage licence. After that, we were just sipping on our wine at the table and he gives me the look.

Up we go to our bedroom, where I get on top of him and we start making out sans pants of course. After a while, he just can’t take it anymore and pushes me off him so he can rip off my panties and his underwear. Shirts still on, I get on his lap while he’s sitting against the headboard and start riding him. It’s been about a week so we’re both a little desperate, and he suddenly pushes me off and throws me onto the bed. I decide that I need this to be on my terms, so I push his head down to eat me out. He starts by kissing me everywhere except where I need him, and finally runs his tongue up and around my clit, doing tiny circles with the tip. He switches to sucking, and I lose it within seconds, but he stops right before I cum and thrusts into me as hard as he can, hitting my g spot and making me scream. He then fucks me kneeling on the bed with his thumb on my clit and undoes me about 3 times before I’m out of breath and begging him to stop.

He flips me on my side and fucks me that way for a while, before I grab his arm and pull him up to my face. I take his dick in my mouth and swirl my tongue around it and down to the base, just how he likes it, but right before he can cum I push him off and tell him to get inside me one more time. He holds me so tightly and kisses my neck while my hips are angled upwards so he’s hitting my g spot every time (a new skill he’s learned that he loves using whenever possible). He’s thrusting harder and harder, when he whispers in my ear that he’s getting close. I put my hand down in between us and touch myself, and then we’re both exploding around each other at the same time, feeling like we’re falling and it’s lasting forever but somehow not long enough at the same time.

And needless to say we both woke up pretty happy this morning 😏