I'm hiding in a library

I was at a friends house and decided to make a run to the gas station for us. She lives in town so I just walked. On my way back from the gas station I hear someone yell "Hey baby!" So I turn around and see two woman following me. Probably not actually following me but behind me walking the same way. When I turn around and look at them, they're smiling at me. I say "hello" back and turn back around and continue walking. Then they start saying really nasty sexual things to me. Talking to eachother but loud enough that its obvious they want me to hear. They said, "I bet shes got that kitty shaved nice for me", "she could wrap those legs around me twice", "she don't like girls, she's too pretty but I can change her mind". They went ON AND ON. Yes, I'm a coward, I couldn't bring myself to say anything. All I did was turn around once and give them a dirty look. Which they responded to with, "Look shes giving me those bedroom eyes. You want this baby girl! I'll make you like it I promise!" I finally walked past a library and I'm currently sitting in here trying not to cry. I know thats stupid. I just wanted to get away from them. I feel so gross. I feel trashy. Like I should have dressed differently and maybe they wouldn't have noticed me. This is the worst feeling. I feel disgusting. I'm just gathering myself and then I'll head back toward my friends.