I feel so hopeless 😩

Leah • I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease and had my Thyroid removed January 2021. I had calcium issues post surgery and have come a far way! We’ve gone through three miscarriages and can’t wait to have our rainbow baby 👶🏼 this step just brings us closer to t

I’ve been ttc for over a year. I know that’s not that long but if you’ve been threw it you understand negative after negative after negative. I got BFP July 1 and by the end of July my levels were dropping I mc. This is my first month ttc again after my mc and I’m 9dpo and got a BFN. I’m feeling hopeless. I keep scrolling threw other girls BFP/ Faint like at 8-11DPO and I’m so happy for them but at the same time crying it’s not me. I’M PRAYING ITS MY MONTH. I’m gonna try to restrain from testing tell 14DPO or a couple days missed period.