Rude or just sensitive?

unicornsandrainbows • 2•5•2019❤❤ Pregnant with baby #1 October 2019 🤰🤰

Hi all I've decided to share something that has been on my mind awhile and admittedly brought me to tears. I'm bipolar (clinically diagnosed not me just saying it) and lately I've had one depressive episode after another and I tend to be short and snippy when I am. I finally told my boyfriend and his text response was I'm glad it's over with kissy faces (we had been at work). When I brought it up after work all he said was why are you sad and proceeded to stare at his phone. When I not so really made a suicide joke he said suicide was the easy way out. Getting home he acted like I never said anything, no hey are you feeling better now nothing. Am I being sensitive or does this just make him look like an ass? I'm not asking him to be my therapist, just show a little more concern.