Vaginal Lump (Not sure if normal)

I am 23 and have had a lump right on the roof of my vaginal opening for years. Almost like a ridge that goes back for roughly 1.5 inches, if that makes sense. It seems largest right at the opening and seems to get smaller as it goes deeper and it feels sort of lumpy. It seems to make my vaginal opening difficult to see. I believe I first noticed it when I was in middle school, prior to ever being sexually active. I never knew what it was, or if it was normal, and was always too scared to ask. I’ve never had any kind of pain or other lumps or other issues associated with it and have honestly forgotten about it. I guess I assumed it was just a normal thing. I have had the same boyfriend for roughly 8 years and he has never said anything about it either.

I have not been to an OBGYN yet, as it was always an uncomfortable situation with my parents and I still live at home with them. However I am planning on making an appointment with one soon as a new patient because I know that is important. (I wasn’t planning on making the appointment because of this lump, but figured I could ask about that as well).

I remembered the lump today and how it scared me when I was younger and being too scared to ever ask about it. I tried to look it up on the internet but didn’t find much, and what I did find scared me. I just wanted to see if anyone else has had any similar experiences or has any idea of what this could be and if it is normal? Thank you!