DIY teething toy!!!


Empty crushed water bottle + duck tape + old t-shirt = octopus teething toy for FREE!!!

Anyone with a puppy knows teething is one of those "it hurts me more than it hurts you" moments when puppy kisses turn to bites!

I don't know about you ladies but I was not willing to shell out my paycheck on toys he will destroy in a week so I looked around online and found a toy I really liked but $45 for a teething toy was not happening. So I made this cute little octopus for my boy Yoshi!


Just take an old water bottle and crush it down towards the neck. Then duck tape around it to add size around it. Keep going til you think it's big enough (Yoshi is only 5 months so I made it just big enough to not go all the way in his mouth) then cut a tshirt into strips. Braid some of the strips until you have the desired amount of legs. Arrange them how you want them and duck tape them together. Sit the water bottle on top of the legs and tape those two pieces together. Then add a little more duck tape to secure it. Add remaining fabric around, I cut the sleeves off whole and put them around first to have a base covering of fabric. Once the top is covered take one last remaining long strip of fabric and wrap it around and around then secure it safely and you're done!

This is my first time ever making something like this I'll update to let you guys know how long it stays in one piece!!😂