Go for it or not?

So me and this boy started talking on Snapchat roughly like a week n a half ago and let me tell you I fancy him so much like I’m kinda obsessed lol. Anyway, I’m really stuck rn cause idk if I should tell him that I like him or not!! We have been talking every single day, hes no.1 on my bestf list on sc but the thing is idk how he feels. Not even joking he flirts with me a lot and I mean... a lottttt and my friends tell me that if he saw me as just a friend then he wouldn’t be flirting. We FaceTime a lot but we don’t talk in school which is weird. Hes a year older than me. I want to tell him I like him but at the same time I don’t want to. What do you guys think? Should I not say anything at all? Should I try anything to see if I can get it out of him? Or should I just go for it and tell him?