Transverse Baby & Placenta Previa

Layla • Mammy to Sophia, who was 2 in June 💕 had a mmc end of Nov 18 😢, Pregnant with 🌈 👶🏼 💙 .. 👨‍👩‍👧 + 🌈👶🏼💙 EDD 12/11/19 🤞🏼💕

Ladies I’m 35w1d and I’ve never been so uncomfortable in pregnancy this or my daughters pregnancy, baby has been transverse since very early on and had never changed position , which we now know

Is due to placenta previa and it’s stopping him getting head down engaged , I feel like my stomach is going to split at night from babies position every time I move along with pelvic pain also 😭😭, I’ve been scheduled for a c section 22nd Oct at 37 weeks due to this!!

I’m not sleeping at all due to pain and total Discomfort ! Anyone else gone through this? 😭😭😭😭