Free loading sister

Hey guys, So I'm sooo frustrated right now. 2 years ago my sister invited me to come and live with her. (I was living in another town that I was over being in) So she said for us to roomate. Since the very first week I appeared to her place I paid to stay. I split the cost with her EVERY MONTH on EVERYTHING! She NEVER had to pay for stuff on her own. Anywho the landlord was a TOATAL JACK ASS and SUPER unprofessional. So when the lease was up we didn't renew. 2 months before moving out I went out looking for 2 bedroom apartments for US to live in but SHE SAID NO, She didn't want to live with ANYBODY and that she def didnt wanna live with me again because I was a wee bit messy. πŸ™„ Well after her saying that I begin looking for my own 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT because why not ? I'm working 2 jobs so I'm really hardly ever home. Anyway the time is winding down and I GET MY OWN APARTMENT πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• But she was unable to find ANYTHING . She was DENIED several places because she doesn't bring home enough money! Hence me wanting to get a place TOGETHER because I KNEW that with my TWO JOBS & HER ONE we would make enough money to live in a decent place. I mostly wanted to do that for her because I make enough on my own to live alone in a nice place ..... Once I got my place she asked me if she could live with me for TWO MONTHS until she gets into her own place ? I Said yes & that to help her save money I wouldn't charge her rent but we both AGREED on her paying the electric bill. Now that brings me to this .... She HASN'T PAID NOT ONE ELECTRIC BILL SINCE SHE'S BEEN HERE! She's been here since AUGUST 1 it is now OCTOBER 10! She doesn't pay ANYTHING and realizes this. She also said last month after me paying my rent "Im going to start helping you next month" STILL I haven't seen a dime! She uses A ROLL of toilet paper a DAY & NEVER buys any to replace it !!! & when I ask her to clean up her mess THE SAME WAY SHE DID TO ME WHEN I LIVED AT HER PLACE she gives me the BIGGEST ATTITUDE! She refuses. She SLEEPS ON MY COUCH DAY IN AND DAY OUT! DOESN'T CLEAN UP AT ALL! Now 3 weeks ago she went out of town with a couple of friends She asked me if she could borrow $50. She has since then only given me $25 of it back and that's because I made a comment about it. I didn't hesitate to lend her the $50 but it's taking her ALMOST A MONTH to give it back. Whenever she wants to help a "Friend" out she asks me to cash app them the money and she gives me the cash but WHY can't she have one of her friends cash app me MY MONEY? πŸ™„ I'm literally SO OVER her being here ! I hate coming home! Ive been in my apartment since the middle of June and I was really starting to enjoy being alone and that all ended at the beginning of August. My sister is always ordering something online, going out and eating fast food. BUT REFUSES TO PAY ME A DIME ! WHAT ?!!!??? I should put her ass OUT, BUT THEN I HAVE TO HEAR FROM MY MOTHER ! I'm 25 years OLD and she STILL runs to our MOTHER ABOUT EVERYTHING! I run to my mother about NOTHING!

SHE lied to me and said that when she moved in that on the days that she was working she would stay at my place & the days she was off she would stay at her friends place! Never NOT ONCE HAPPENED ! We have argued SEVERAL times since her being here and I'M OVER IT ALL . When my lease is up I will be moving back to the town I graduated high school in. (Not the same town I was talking about at the beginning of my rant. I'm so DONE. I'M GETTING OUT OF MY LAME ASS HOME TOWN. I don't have any friends or boyfriend here anyway. There's NOTHING HOLDING here. Really gonna miss my granny though I'll only be an hour away.

Rant Over , Sorry so long guys . Although I hope someone reads the whole thing and maybe I can get some advice .