Boyfriend is moving to a different city possibly

My boyfriend just found out his landlord is putting his house up for sale and he has to figure out a new place with his family and Toronto is really expensive and he told me he might have to find something far out and I’m hoping he doesn’t go far away because if he’s two hours away our relationship will not work as we both have really busy schedules and we live right next to eachother and still find hard to meet up sometimes. He said that if he’s too far he won’t be able to do anything he doesn’t drive and I understand that comute is hard when it’s over an hour is this a really bad thing I don’t want to lose him I love him so much we been together almost 7 months now I feel heartbroken already although he still doesn’t know when he’s going to move to I need to vent and I don’t know what to do or think I’m really sad I saw future with him and all our moments mean so much to me and have never fallen in love like this and it’s not just excitement because we haven’t had sex yet as he’s having some erectile anxiety issues. But ladies how will this relationship work I love him and I know it’s beyond my control at this point I’m praying he finds a place close so we can keep our relationship together

And I can’t move in with him and his family and I’m still studying I’m university as well