Terrified to get my license

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So I moved out at 17 and moved in with my bed & my dad told me I could get my license when I turned 18 since I’m not living with him.

I turned 18 in June this year, got a job as a full time caregiver.

My bf drives me anywhere I need to go and says he doesn’t mind doing it but I know it’s time for me to get my license

But I’m terrified.

I’m worried about driving in town when it’s busy, turning, parking.. basically everything.

The only experience I have in a car is holding the wheel while my bf drives so I can kinda get a feel for what it’s like to drive.

I’ve never driven a car before not even a few feet.

I have the drivers book I got from my local DMV but there’s so much stuff I need to learn in there and I’m worried I won’t remember it all or something. Do any of you have any advice?