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Laura • 3 miscarriages, no living children

Hey, I have had 3 losses and recently found out i am pregnant a 4th time. My OB has put me on progesterone . I am worried because I have no pregnancy symptoms -in all of my previous pregnancies I did have bloating/breast tenderness, fatigue etc.). I have been using the progesterone for a week now and I am experiencing constipation and indigestion which I am attributing to the meds as they are high occurence side effects.

My betas are "good" according to my doctor but we have never made it past 7 weeks so I am naturally anxious.

Oct 7 - 105

Oct 9 - 293

Oct 11-605

My last menstrual period was Sept 3 but my cycle is 36 days. So I estimate is around 5 weeks. I feel like I should be knowledgeable about what is happening with my body but I would love to hear what other people think. Should I be trying anything? Anyone else have success after recurrent loss using progesterone? I am also looking for a high quality prenatal that is available in Canada for a decent price.