My birth story- FTM induction


I was due October 15th with my baby boy but I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes pretty early on. Other than that I had a great pregnancy with no issues until I hit 37 weeks exactly. I went for a scheduled NST and my blood pressure was in the 140s. They sent me to the hospital and ran some tests and everything was normal so I was able to go home. They made me schedule an appointment the next day to check my blood pressure and told me if it was still high they would most likely induce so I called off work to make sure I was calm and relaxed for the appointment. When I got there my blood pressure was in the 160s so back to the hospital I went. By the time I got there by blood pressure was up to the 180s and it was pretty scary. They gave me a pill to help lower my blood pressure and sent me to labor and delivery around 6 pm. Luckily the baby was showing no signs of stress and he looked happy which kept me calm the entire time.

The doctors used the Foley bulb overnight and by 6 am I was at 5 centimeters which the doctors were really excited about. The doctors put me on magnesium since my blood pressure was so high and that was the worst part by far. I was on bed rest and couldn’t eat solid foods for 24 hours and it makes you super tired (on top of already being tired lol).

Nothing more really happened until about 5 pm when they broke my water and I got the epidural and that’s when the contractions got real intense.

By 8:30 pm I started to feel the pressure and I told my nurse I was ready to push! At 10:04 pm my son was born (: he was 7 lbs 8 oz and absolutely perfect! My husband was too afraid to cut the umbilical cord so the doctors asked me if I wanted to and I didn’t even know that I was allowed to lol cutting the cord myself was one of the coolest experiences, I’m so glad I did it!

We ended up having to stay in the hospital a few extra days due to my blood pressure

but all that mattered to me was that my baby boy was healthy and happy. I went back to my obgyn the next week and my blood pressure was normal so we’re all good!

I would do it all over again a million times, everything was so worth it! 💙