Homeschooling is NOT a punishment!!!

Esther • I’m better than horrible. EMT and Respiratory Therapist

I hate it when I hear parents threaten to homeschool their kids because they aren't doing well or getting in trouble at school.

I was homeschooled and I LOVED it. I had a LEGAL and complete education and my mom worked her butt off to get me to events and groups with other homeschool kids so I could socialize. I could get ahead in my work if we were going on vacation or if I just wanted a long weekend. I've been doing really well in my college classes, and even went to prom and did theater.

Homeschooling definitely isn't for everyone and every family and that's fine! I don't even see myself homeschooling my child at this point. And I know there are people who do it illegally and don't do a good job at helping their kids...But it's not a punishment! Basically you're saying "I'll take you away from all your friends and make you the weirdo that has to stay at home with me all day."

Sorry, I know it's not a big deal but it gets on my nerves. I mean, could you imagine if you heard a parent say to a their private school kid "you keep behaving this way I'll put you in public school!" I think most would find that pretentious.

Homeschooled kids already get GRILLED by family and even strangers to see if we're getting adequate education and socialization. Hearing other parents threaten to use it as a punishment just fuels the stigma and stereotype that we have it worse or something.

Rant over