Autoimmune diseases suck!

Kaela • Mommy of 3 ❤️💙❤️ 2 beautiful girls and 1 handsome boy 💙Autism mommy & recently diagnosed with PCOS

Hopefully this post isn’t going to be too long. Back when I was 18 during std screening while I was pregnant with my oldest I had a false positive for syphilis. The doctor re-ran the test it was negative. Every std screening after that was the same. Nobody was concerned until 2012 when I was pregnant with my youngest. Of course I brushed it off until I started getting sick. Fast forward to my 30th birthday when things started going down hill.

Well in May I had enough and went to see a rheumatologist and had testing done for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. My ANA came back positive for lupus, but the doctor said it wasn’t lupus. In May I also decided to go back on the depo shot for my PCOS. Fast forward to July I ended up admitted to the hospital because the hematologist/oncologist suspected cancer. After a biopsy and 3 days of testing it was said that it’s an autoimmune disease and a blood clot disorder. In August I was diagnosed with Lupus. My tests came back showing high levels of inflammation. I strongly believe the depo shot sent me into a flare and that is what finally brought about a diagnosis. All of those years of not knowing why I kept getting false positives finally came to light. Lupus has been the culprit and I never knew it.