Exercise in the last few weeks


What are you all doing for exercise in these last few weeks? I was still lifting weights 4-5x per week until about 2 weeks ago. But now, I’m so exhausted and its hard to keep my HR in the zone my doctor recommended without LONG rest breaks between sets, so now I’m only exercising every other day and that is either walking 4 miles or going to the gym to lift weights. I burn more calories on the walking days.

Exercise was such a huge part of my life before I got pregnant that I am feeling frustrated with my lack of energy. This is my second pregnancy, so I know I’m SUPPOSED to be tired at this point. But it feels like Ive lost my hobby, and then I’m trying to balance healthy exercise with going to do things with my son while it’s still just the two of us but I’m too tired to do both on one day. I’m having all the emotions lately!! 😳 I’m ready for it to be November. 😭