GBS (Group B Strep) Positive - 1st Trimester 🥺

Anybody else here test positive for GBS in urine culture during their first trimester?? Just tested positive for it with urine taken a few days ago, when I was 7+2.

I’m trying not to make it a big deal, but I tested positive last time I was pregnant, too, at almost the exact same time and was put on antibiotics. I ended up MC that baby at 12 weeks. Trying to remind myself the MC wasn’t a result of GBS or antibiotics, but I’m terrified of history repeating itself.

Anybody else have experience with this????

Edit: thank y’all so much for your responses! I’m trying not to panic 😅🥴 lol! My doctor is going to put me on an oral antibiotic for a week (same thing I did last time), and then I’ll get antibiotics during labor/delivery to protect the baby.