Ask you will receive well kiss my ass!

According to my husband If I want something I HAVE TO ASK like NO I can’t just hand him my watch and say here it’s dead oh hell no he expects me to ASK

YET that son of a bitch can just toss his Apple watch at me without saying a word expects me to charge it Mmmm mmmmm this time I didn’t do it and a few hours went by he went what uh hmmmm why didn’t you charge it? I said Honey you didn’t ask! He shouted to the heavens JESUS CHRIST REALLY? Do I really have to when it’s obvious it needs charged? I said of course since I have to ask FOR EVERYTHING! Man he got SO angry 😂😂

When I say everything I mean everything

Oh man the kids need milk we have none I can’t say that I have to say Please pick up milk we are out

Oh shit my iPhone just died nope have to say can you hand me the charger? my iPhone just died

Got a new dress to try on I have to ask what he thinks!

Doing crafts and if he’s out in the kitchen if I say grab the glue for me oh hell no I have to say can you please bring me the glue

Sick of this shit

So ya doing it back to him he can’t stand it

He’s like I need a drink I’m like K?

He’s like ummmm? I’m like you need to ask he’s like COME ON you’re gonna play this he does it I do I said yes to prove a point I’m not your whipping bitch nor a child I don’t have to ask for everything I want from you in life or this relationship don’t like it so much do you? Boy he just exploded on me

Meh 😑