Vagina itch almost 11w pregnant *update*


Since yesterday the inside of my vagina has had this mild itch that comes and goes, and actually kept me up for a bit last night.

I’ve had yeast infections before with thick thick discharge and a very swollen vagina that burns, but right now I don’t have any of that except the itch. Discharge is normal, no swelling or burning, no weird odors. I haven’t used any new products down there recently, I only wash it with water, I keep it clean.

Could it still be a yeast infection or could it just be a hormonal thing?


It’s been 3 days since I posted this and all itching had subsided. I realized the itching started a couple days after I had my first ultrasound which was transvaginal. Except the itching started 2 days after my ultrasound. Is it still possible the itching was a reaction to the lubricant?? Or possibly the feminine wipes they have you clean yourself with? I had to do 2 urine samples that day also, so I used a total of 3 feminine wipes that day.