Is this a BABY SIGN?!!


Ok, this is so weird... maybe fate!! My ovulation is in 4 days....

3 years ago this month (around this time) I found out I was pregnant. Unfortunately our baby left us at 12 weeks. And it is on my mind every day! 😔

So we have been trying for our rainbow baby for just under 3 years now.

Anyway I stocked up on some ovulation tests today, as I sometimes do... Well this was on the carrier bag when he handed them over!!! (I thought OMG!!)

Is this fate?!!

Also just over an hour later when we went out for a meal. A lady walked past with a month old baby and asked if I wanted a cuddle. OF COURSE!!!

She said I was totally a natural and that we should start trying (if only she knew lol).

Well, I have never felt more ready than this moment right now!!!

Baby dust to every single one of you!! ✨🌈✨