Sometimes I HATE how people can be!πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘ŽπŸ»

I'm a 26 year old black woman. Both of my parents are black and fairly dark in complexion. However, I'm a little bit more fair compared to them (no rudeness intended but I'd say my parents are dark like Idris Elba and viola Davis...and I'm kinda like Halle berry complexion). I want to respect everyone's privacy and not slap pictures all over here.

Anyways. The point is I'm not very very dark. But I am black. I have always been into white guys for whatever reason. Not racist. Just never really encountered any black guys or guys of other races that I felt like pursuing.

Well. I just started seeing this guy. He treats me so well. He is just recently divorced and has two little kids!

I got invited to a cousin's Jack and jill and my boyfriend came with me. My very white boyfriend. And let me tell you. Between family and friends and people I don't know who know my cousin, I got a lot of hate.

My cousins aunt was disgruntled that I'm skiing the slopes and wanted to know why BBs daughter thought a black man isnt good enough for me and how I think I'm white and that it's okay to be with a white man because today we black women love having cute and pretty model light skin babies not dark ones and I heard someone prefer loudly to the ghost Casper.

Oh it was a huge stink. We left early. I was embarrassed by the horrible things that were said and I hated that my boyfriend had to endure that. I was uncomfortable. Not because he is white. But because of how my "family" was responding to him. And not to be racist, but if you know black people when they talk smack about someone they talk LOUD and make faces so you know exactly when they're referring to you. No hiding facial expressions and no hushed tones.

I'm so bothered by how some people can be.

I know racism is real. And no racism is not dead. You're foolish if you think that. It sucks so much! I hate it!