Wanting a vbac


Wondering if anyone has had a similar situation to mine and had a successful VBAC. Not pregnant again yet but wondering for next time.

Induced at 39 weeks due to risk of preeclampsia (high-ish blood pressure on and off, small amount of protein in my urine) (probably another story to this but I was stressing and wanting to be induced )

Baby’s fundal height was always measuring 2 weeks ahead from about 20 weeks onwards.

At 37 weeks her head measured (US) at 42 weeks.

Day of induction. Gel was put in around 8-8:30am. Nothing. Waters were broken by doctor at 12:00pm and drip started. By 2:00pm I was 2cms.

Didn’t progress all afternoon. Was kept on my back all day due to the monitors sliding off my belly every time I tried to move. Midwives and doctor tried about 6 times to get the scalp wire monitor on her head but failed.

I’d asked a few times for the epidural as contractions were fairly back to back and it was always my plan to get it early before I desperately wanted it and had to wait. Doctor and midwives essentially told me I wasn’t in enough pain and was coping well without it. - when I finally did get it at around 7-7:30pm I believe I heard the doctor say I was 10cms but baby’s head hadn’t moved down and engaged. (Again,probably another story - doctor didn’t speak directly to me the whole time I was in labour, just to the midwives. The only way I knew what was going on was by listen to the conversations between doctor/midwives or midwive/midwives. I felt like I was eavesdropping on my own labour.

Failed attempt at the vacuum.

Waited until 9pm and she still hadn’t moved down, waited a little longer and then was taken into surgery

After surgery the doctor told me her head was “stuck” behind my bladder and I wouldn’t have stood a chance with a natural delivery.

She was born at 8lb15oz.

I feel that I wasn’t listened to and given any sort of chance to birth naturally so would love to give it another crack. And definitely in another hospital.