Where did you meet your partner? I feel like my love is an angel dropped from heaven.


We met in church. Neither of us are super religious but have a close relationship with the creator. I became a new member of the church he grew up in. The first day i saw him my teenage son pointed him out to me and said he could see us together. I said he's cute and kept paying attention to the service. About a year later his teenage nephew catfished me with his picture on social media. I thought i was chatting with him for about a week before i discovered it was his nephew. I hit him up on social media to notify him of the mistake. He laughed at me and said "so you thought I was cute uh? My nephew has good taste" Then he took me out bowling for our fist date, and his first date in years. We had such a good time That we kept talking and it got serious. Now I've been able to experience how wonderful he really is. We started TTC in March of this year and got pregnant the fist cycle trying. He was so excited and so was I. I was due on my grandfather's birthday. We thought it was a sign from God but we lost our baby suddenly at the end of May at 6 weeks. He was due to leave town for work the day I had to have the D&C. My brother was scheduled to pick me up and take me home after surgery. But when i woke up my love was sitting at my bedside with flowers and tears. He said he just couldn't leave me. Since then he said I needed time off of work. He encouraged me to quit my job and allow him to care for me and my children while i mentally, physically, and emotionally healed and took time to myself. He's nothing short of a remarkable blessing. I can't imagine life without him. We are still TTC our rainbow baby. But he reminds me that his love is forever with or without a baby. I don't know what I did to deserve such a love. I'll never leave him. I choose to love him unconditionally as he's loved me. I pray you all find this kind of love, the love that you don't have to worry about cheating, lies, lack of support, or temporary conditional artificial love. May blessings be upon you all.