Feeling alone rant

I feel so alone more and more everyday. I don’t know if it’s just being pregnant and my hormones and emotions. My boyfriend hardly ever talks to me. He leaves without telling me where he’s going or doing. And when I get upset about it he throws my past mistakes in my face. Saying “karma is a bitch, isn’t it?” I feel like a nobody to him. In fact, he’s actually told me I’m nothing special. He’s always commenting on other girls pictures saying he misses them and call them gorgeous, asking them to go out for drinks one night to catch up. He doesn’t even call me those things anymore. We don’t ever do anything together anymore. Most nights we sit and watch tv in silence or I’m playing/feeding our son. Or we have sex and he goes to sleep. Every weekend he is off work he stays out late at night, doing or seeing who knows what. I’m just so over this relationship. I’m not happy anymore. I have no friends whatsoever because of him. Nor do i ever talk to my own family anymore. I’m stuck in a relationship I don’t want to be in anymore. Like literally. He says if I was to leave that he would find me or if he was to get kicked out he would hurt my family. I’ve been trying to make it work, changing myself for him. But I’m just a “dumb bitch”, I don’t ever listen. I do everything wrong.

You know it’s bad when you literally pray he does find someone else or moves out. Sometimes I with I never went this far with him.

You always see those girls in abusive but you never picture yourself in that position..  😥