How do I know if I am having a miscarriage?


Hey guys!!

I am on schedule to have my period and I started have symptoms and bleeding as usual. However shortly after it started I was having painful than normal back pain and cramping. Assuming this was my period I took some pain meds and continued on with my day. Now I’m not experiencing “cramping” but my back is still really sore and I feel nauseous for some reason. In addition my hormonal sadness is also way more severe than usual. I feel like crying every 5 minutes.

So of course, I called my mom.

She told me that my symptoms seem very similar to when she had a miscarriage. She didn’t know she was having one until a few days into her period when she saw it come out.

Now, my bleeding is not heavy. No more than a regular period. By all accounts apart from the aches and pains being more severe and my mood, i figured it was just my usual period. But now I’m feeling a bit concerned, how do I know? Or should I go to the doctor? If anyone has experienced something similar please let me know.