Im making myself go crazy.


So my period has been coming anywhere between every 4 weeks and every 6 weeks. We’ve been trying for a year and a half now, with absolutely no luck. I’ve tried clomid, no success. Then for the past 4 months or so we just stopped trying (in the hopes that not trying would work). We are going to Orlando this weekend, and I planned on drinking so I figured I’d test just in case. I swear I see another line. Here’s the problem. I didn’t pee in a cup, just kinda held it there, and I feel like it may have splashed past the part where I’m supposed to pee on. Idk if this would result in a false positive. Also this was night time urine, and i realized halfway through i really didn’t need to pee that much so it wasn’t there for very long. maybe I’m going crazy and the line isn’t even there. Idk. Help!

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