How do you do Christmas for your kids?


My son is 3 and my daughter is 1 and I feel like we are coming to a point with Christmas and other holidays where we need to have a “routine” or “tradition” in place.

I’m curious how other families do gifts with their children. Are all gifts from Santa? Are some from Santa, some from mom and dad? Do you do a sibling gift where they get to pick something out to give to their sibling? What’s your tradition??

The past few years my kids were too young to know any different but now my son is at the age to understand things. So I’m trying to decide if we just want to do presents all from Santa, etc or how we want to do it going forward.

In the past I had read somewhere of people doing 3 gifts from Santa. And then anything else comes from mom and dad. That way when they get in school, if other kids aren’t as fortunate, they don’t wonder why Santa brought this boy an Xbox, and all they got was socks. Or I’ve heard of people doing with the 3 gifts from Santa a want, a need, and something to read.

I would love to hear of others traditions!