Is this too harsh? Trying to set boundaries with my mom

I’ve lived on my own but moved back into my parents house. In HS my mom was always snooping, writing ugly on my things, and “moving me out” which just meant she threw all my things into a trash bag whenever she was pissed about something. I am almost 24 and saving up for a house, I broke off my engagement and this is why I moved back home. Before moving back, I was told I’d get the wing downstairs, and my mom wouldn’t bother my things. Of course, she’s emptying my trash and moving stuff around and vacuuming. She also demands I do my sheets even tho I did them the day before. The problem is, She’s not aware of what I do and unless she sees or told of something, it just means to her it never happened and she’ll cause a fight. One time she thought I didn’t wash my clothes or sheets for a month 🙄 Nor do I think I need to announce I washed my clothes or underwear that day either. Yes taking out the trash and vacuuming my area is nice, but I can do it and when she does it she complains that I’m not the one doing it. So I wrote this tonight and will tape it to my bathroom and bedroom door. I view these as boundaries which I never had growing up, and I would love my space to be left alone but she hasn’t respected that. Also, I respect her side of the house and my schedule is very different than hers so her cleaning day doesn’t work for me, and when I clean or do my washes, she’s at work

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