Birth story (LONG)


Okay ladies, it’s my turn now! I’m currently watching my 4 day old sleep and figured it’s a good time to post. Let’s start with I was due October 25th. I had an appointment Oct 21st and i was at a 2! She stripped my membranes and we hoped to go into labor on our own but had an induction (elective) scheduled for Wednesday October 23rd. lost my mucous plug 21st and 22nd but no baby in sight so on our way to the hospital we went on the 23rd. We got to the hospital at 4 pm and I got my IV for fluids and within minutes my blood pressure dropped and I was terrified. I felt sick & dizzy and just completely out of it. They had to delay induction until it went back up which thankfully happened quickly around 5. They put cytotec in at 5:20 and told me I may be there for a while!!! This whole time I have been having contractions every 2-3 minutes and they were a breeze. Absolutely no pain and only a bit of pressure . Around 9 they came in to check me and I had progressed to a 3 finally so my OB broke my water (weirdest feeling ever). Within minutes I was in excruciating pain and my contractions were right on top of each other. For two hours I labored in so much pain I kept saying “ I can’t” and “I’m never doing this again” 😂😂 finally I asked for the epidural and within I’d say 20 minutes of having it, I had absolutely no pain. I was SO NUMB and felt SO good. I was still at a 3 (almost 4) when I got the epidural so they thought I would be there for awhile. They advised I take a nap and I listened. I fell asleep around 11:20 and was awoken by a nurse at 1:15 to be checked. She checked me and she started laughing and said “you’re complete” ?!? I was so out of it because I had just woken up and she said she needed someone else to make sure she wasn’t going crazy so she had someone else check me and sure enough 10cm!! I went from an almost 4 to 10 cm in 2 hours!! I started pushing at 1:49 and babe was fully out by 2 am. It’s been a beautiful experience but so so hard! First night at home, dad and I cried so much together but it’s second night now and our beautiful girl is sleeping away perfectly and dad is as well. He goes back to work tomorrow so wish us luck! What an amazing birth we had.