Nap training WIN!

Ashley • Oliver Craig💙born June 11th 2019

My boy is a great napper, has a predictable schedule and he falls asleep quickly without any fuss-BUT ONLY in his bouncer chair.

Now he’s about to outgrow it. He’s 93% in length and his feet hang over the end.

He sleeps in his crib at night no issues, naps on the other hand, only the bouncer seat. Bad habit created by mama.

So for today’s AM nap, he showed his sleepy cues right on time, I put him in his crib with his white noise on and said nap time!

I let him cry it out. I said I’d go intervene in 15 mins if he didn’t stop...

And he fell asleep at 13 minutes. MOM WIN

Let’s see how long it will last...