Pregnant and fed up with my family (rant)

I’m about 11 weeks pregnant and I’m officially fed up with my sister and mother. My sister is still in high school( a senior) and she lives with my mother. My parents split around 2 years ago and are still dragging on the divorce. I still keep in contact with my father because I did not want to choose sides but my mother and sister have pretty much alienated me because of this. My sister only has anything to do with my father when she’s asking him for money or clothes and she has almost nothing to do with me unless it’s on her terms. (Example being I ask to come see her all the tome and she ignores me or makes a crappy excuse but expects me to drop everything last minute to do what she wants). They both have screwed me over multiple times but I always forgave them because I do love them and miss them. But since becoming pregnant my views have changed. My mother acted happy when I told her the news and has came to one dr appointment but other than that I haven’t seen her much. The tipping point for me has been this week. We are having a gender reveal party for family and friends (did a blood test for the gender) this weekend and both me and my MIL (whose throwing me the party) have reached out to them asking them to come and no response. I feel awful for feeling this way but I am at the point where I don’t want them to have much to do with my child. My mom expects to be in the delivery room but you can’t even show me any support while I’m pregnant. Also I did get married months ago and it was a complete mess because my mother and sister made it so difficult. My sister who was one of my bridesmaids left the church with my mom and only came back 15 mins before the ceremony. My sister refused to let my makeup artist do her makeup. And both refused to come to my bridal shower or dress shopping. I know now that I shouldn’t have expected any different behavior for my pregnancy but I had hope that maybe they would care about my baby. Sorry this is so long. I’m just pretty hurt and pregnancy hormones don’t help matters.