TMI vaginal infection lasting 3 months

I have had this bacterial infection so the doctor say… For three months now the first month and a half it was really really bad pains in the now occasionally it becomes really serious pain’s but usually it’s mild to OK pains I know that’s a lot to explain but I’ve had this infection for three months they don’t know exactly what it is meaning my doctors... I do know that my discharge is cottage cheese like sometimes really dry sometimes a little wet it is very sour I did taste it because my boyfriend and I were having sex and I tasted it on his penis so then a few days later I took tasted my own discharge and it tasted extremely sour I don’t know what the in bacterial infection is but I have been given anabiotic’s that lasted seven days I took that almost a month ago and still no signs of clearing up the pain has gotten so much better though the past few days so that’s really good news I did miss my cycle the first month I started having this the second month I had a cycle but it was very late this month I haven’t gotten my cycle yet it is four days late I have been TTC For about four months now I haven’t been having a whole Lotta six just because I didn’t want my infection to get worse anybody has gone through this please let me know I have tested and blood tested and physically tested it is not a UTI that is for sure at least that is what my doctors told me all that my doctor said was that they found a bacterial infection in my vagina urine but they Don’t know why I am still having pains they did give me an ultrasound to see if I had any cysts or anything bad like that they did not find anything they said everything was all normal my ovaries were normal I do have pains in my ovary area as well and I don’t know why also I do not have any stds