Red spotting all day light cramps


I know this isn’t normal. I’ve had a miscarriage before and it started with bleeding like this. It’s been going on since 7am. I hardly feel the cramps they’re so mild. My question is has this type of bleed happened to anyone else and everything been ok with baby? I’m not going to the ER I know they can’t do anything I’m only 5 weeks. I’m trying to chill and stay positive. I just hate waiting. 😢


I went to ER last night and they didn’t see anything on my scan. Which I expected being so early. They’ve never been able to see this early for me. I started bleeding heavier while there. My hcg was at 40. This morning I woke to even more blood and clots. Like a heavy period. I’m pretty sure I’m miscarrying. I go back tomo for blood test. 😢😢. I’m sad. But I trust God knows something I don’t. Thanks for the prayers and support ladies.