Got Copper IUD Inserted Today šŸ˜µ


I finally got my first IUD inserted today, and like I felt like my soul almost left my body. The procedure was a bit more different than I had expected. I thought that the doctor would just insert the IUD in my uterus, I would feel a sharp cramp for like a sec, and then it would all be over. But NO, it was WAY different than I expected (or at least some more meat to it).

I came in, got in some health measurements, answered some questions, took off my pants, and laid down on the patient chair with a blanket on top of me. The doctor came into the room and then told me the procedure. She told me she needed to check how my cervix was positioned so that she knows where to put the IUD. She said she would do that by inserting two fingers in me and press down on my lower abdomen area to determine that. That part of the process was news to me, along with how my cervix and uterus was positioned. Then she was gonna go in and use a thin tube/stick with ruler markings to measure how far up my uterus was so that she knows exactly how far up to push the IUD, and so that it would be in a spot for the IUD to be the most effective. The last part of the procedure was, of course, inserting the IUD with a thin tube/stick, and then pull the tube/stick out afterwards.

Before the doctor was gonna do anything or move to the next step in the whole process, she always communicated it so that I am aware. When she inserted the thin tube/stick to measure my uterus, I felt the cramping. I did NOT expect the cramping to be constant for the time she had it in my uterus. So I started hyperventilating, and then she told me to breathe slowly. I started feeling dizzy and like I was gonna pass out. Like, the edges of my vision started to blur and get dark as I looked at the lights. I think she could tell I was gonna pass out so she kept encouraging me to stay with her and told me I was doing a good job. My boyfriend, who sat by me and held my hand, was showing me to breathe slowly so that I don't pass out. The entire time I just felt the cramping nonstop, with a wave of heat from chest up, and like I was gonna die lol.

Right after the doctor took out the thin tube/stick out, the intensity of the cramping weakened, leaving only minor cramps. Only then was I able to breathe normally and cool down from the heat. I stayed on the chair until I was ready to get up and get dressed.

Also one other thing, I did NOT expect to feel cramping the area with my tail bone, above my butt. It was so weird! I asked if that was abnormal, and the medical assistant and she said that it's normal because when something touches/simulates the nerves in the uterus, it can result in that kinda feeling (kinda like when you need to pee/poop).

Anyways, right now I still have cramps and it sucks šŸ˜©. The doctor recommended that I wait about three days before having sex, just to be safe, so that when I orgasm or whatever, the IUD does not move. Can't wait till I get better so I can get some dick lololol.