I need advice!!


So my boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a half. We’ve known each other since high school and we’re both 22.

I would say our love life is healthy, we have sex multiple times a week, we go on spontaneous trips, go on dates and we have this unbreakable bond and always have fun together, no matter the setting & we also live together.. but out of nowhere he requested that we take a break.

He literally had me move home(with my parents), but he still wants me to come over every day for hours at a time.. he says he wants to be single, that he isn’t ready for commitment but he still wants us to remain with the same bond and maybe in a month get back together? He also tells me to not worry and to basically wait on him because he isnt looking for a relationship(as in he wont get into a relationship with anyone else but he may sleep with someone or someones)

I don’t understand what he wants because when I threaten to cut him off and say I don’t deserve any of it, he keeps telling me it isn’t over. Please help, I need advice on what to do or maybe what to say to him or just ugh. I know I do not deserve this at all and I’m so stressed out. 🙃