I’d like to know if I’m being taken advantage of & what I should do.

Okay so This guy doesn’t have a job & he doesn’t drive so I didn’t care I still wanted to talk to him. The problem is he’s always asking me to buy him food & it’s not even like he asks me he’s like “oh babe you wanna go get food” even if I say no then he’s like “oh well can you get me something” & I’ve been doing it for awhile & I’ve explained to him that it’s getting expensive & I can’t keep doing this. He said he understands but he still asks me to do it & if I say no he catches an attitude with me & gives me the silent treatment & when that’s over he still tries asking me so I give in. Then it’s not even just the food he asks me to buy “us” cigarettes which I didn’t really care about then he just takes the whole box I bitched about that so he will give me a few then keep the rest. Also he’s always asking me to buy “us” weed like a large amount so we will get the weed but he will keep it with him at his house hidden like I won’t know where it is. So I’ll only smoke MY weed if I’m with him & we will smoke with who ever he has with him. It just makes me emotional cause I went from having 1,000 2 weeks ago to having 8.00 in my bank account so I started crying yesterday infront of him about it then he still wanted me to buy him a sandwich then he magically got 7$ some how.

Our sex kids is amazing, our connection is awesome but it’s literally financially idk what to do about this. He says he isn’t using me & he really cares about me but I’m starting to doubt our whole “relationship”. He’s been looking for a job & says he doesn’t always want it to be like this.

Help me. Give me brutal advice. It’s needed.