Excited but sad !!!

I'm 35 weeks pregnant so close yet so far to almost giving birth which really scares me I don't like blood and let me say I could never handle my period ! Their was times where I didn't go to school bc getting out of bed made me throw up have my body shaking feeling weak body temp going up I had my period bad , I'm scared to go to labor 😣 but im so excited for my baby girl to be here already just thinking about her being here and her smile with me and my bf just melts my heart already I cry !❤️ The only thing I can say I'll miss from this pregnancy is feeling her kick against my stomach everything else no, I'm really to be fit again I'm ready to start working to provide for her can't wait till she's able to eat food with me and her dad 😣❤️ anyways how was ur birth ? I'm just really nervous being in labor , did u feel ur baby coming out ? How was the recovery , also what should I take and for her ?