My baby girl looks like a boy...🙄


Mother in law doesn't care much about my baby she said this to a family member & doesn't know that I know but it's obvious with actions. She never calls her son to ask about her she only calls to ask about my step daughter. & it's been 5x total that shes seen her & every time she does she says she looks like a boy & calls her "boy face ". Also says "oh she throws up alot, that means shes going to be fat".

Well this past weekend my hubby finally said something to her & that was because she took her outside at night with no blanket so I sent him to cover her & she said no to him & he says no? Its chilly & her mom said to cover her & she said no again & he snapped & said "her mom wants her covered & she's the mom, you're not her mom to say no" & she only covered her legs so I ended up bringing her inside. The next day a family member told us she called her sister to say how upset she was with me for going off on her?! She said those words came out of my mouth & snatched the baby from her arms lol. Oh goodness this lady is something else. I honestly don't want to throw our family member under the bus since he was the one next to the sister at the time of the phone call so idk if I should let it go or what. I just can't control my face around her. & what would I say? I don't want to start any drama but I don't like that she talks about me or shows fake love to my child.


So my hubby has a difficult schedule so he has to sleep in at his moms house here & there. So he's there today to also pick up my step daughter & he found her with a pacifier in her mouth. Mind you shes almost 5 yrs old & she never uses it here in our home but caught her for the second time sucking away on a pacifier at her loving grandmother's house. He took a picture to send it to her mom & his mom. This lady really has some nerve. We cut down her visits to only Monday's (I posted about it before) she "overdosed her with tylenol because she wouldn't stop crying". This is not my child so I can not say no to her sleeping over but her mom thought one day out of the week wouldn't hurt. ☻


She never replied to the message so hubby thinks he'll leave it alone til he sees her at her house again that way she can't run away from the confrontation. As of her mom she apparently didn't know & will be talking to her next Monday. Anyway that'll be it for this post because I can go on with this lady. Thanks so much for the support & I'm sorry for everyone out there putting up with horrible MILs we don't deserve it but for the ones with loving ones, hang on to them tight because that is rare! ❤❤

Final Update:

Unsure if you guys will be notified but I just wanted to say thank you all for the comments. My MIL was recently diagnosed with cancer in her cervix & possibly may have spread to her stomach. She had a biopsy this week and the stomach has been left alone until she has her rounds of chemo. So hubby of course is devastated & I'm sad for him. She is NOW asking for my baby more often & requests photos of her. I can not say no. I'm sad that it took cancer for her to finally come around. 😥