Today Was My Day 🥰


This Morningg Around 1:00am I Started Having Contractions So I Waited It Out Around 3:00am They Got Stronger I Layed Down And Called The Doctors They Said With This Being My 3rd Child And Only 37wks6days My Contractions Needed To Be 5-7 Mins Apart . 5:00 am Comes & I Cant Take It No More Woke My Bf Up & Told Him It Was Time We Leave For The Hospital Which Is 47 Mins Away . We Arrived At 6:30 As Soon As I Laid On The Bed She Checked Me My Water Busted & I Was 9.5cm And She Was Coming Down My Next Contraction I Had To Push 3 Pushes & My Baby Girl Was Here At 6:56 am . No Medicine, No Rips

La’Nova Zboni 🖤💜 6pds9oz Born @ 37weeks6days