Dr rejected me for pain


First day of last period was 11/4.

I woke up Monday (11/11) with a dull ache in the left side of my pelvis. As the day went on, sharp pains came and went but didn't hinder me to do anything. Later that night when I went to bed, the sharpness got worse to the point I was in tears. Finally fell asleep. Next morning my hubby wakes me up to see if I'm still hurting so he can take me to the Dr. I was. Sharp pain with a dull ache behind it. Down into my left thigh. Could barely walk, hurt to put weight on that side. So we go to the dr. They had me do a urine test, did a preg test (negative), and sent the rest off to an outside lab. When I was finally called back, the midwife told me that I was having ovulation pain and needed to be having sex. mind you at this point all they had done was take my temp, blood pressure, oxygen, and pee. No fever, BP was good, oxygen was good. No physical exam of any kind. Didn't look at my physical body at all. They told me to just take Tylenol. So that night I did. Still had a dull ache the next day. Hubby and I had sex last night because I just wanted anything to make the discomfort go away. No pain during sex. Woke up this morning with no sharp pains. Still fill a little discomfort in my pelvic area but no pains. Could it really have just been Ovulation pain? I've never had it before!