Birth Story **Trigger Warning**


I had a sweep at 39 weeks 3 days amd was having contractions all night but they were not consistant and not extremely painful. I went to the bathroom at 2am and there was alot of blood and mucus so i called and they told me to come in. They thought my water broke and tested it but it can back negative. Baby was being very lazy on the moniters and i kept having contractions so they sent me for a "bio-tech ultrasound" baby Failed with a 4 out of 8 score. So my docter said baby was being born today. She talled about inducing but to out surprise i was already 7cm and 100% effaced. I recieved the epideral which actually hurt this time. (With my other son i felt a pinch then nothing) soon my legs went numbs and the contractions faded. About 1.5 hours later its time to push. That was what i thought to be the most excruciating pain ive ever my life. (With my other son 2 pushes he was out and i felt nothing no pressute at all) after pushing for 1 hour out comes my sunny side up baby Henry Abel at a whopping 10lbs 22 1/4 inches long. He is MASSIVE. Doesnt fit in newborn pjs or diapers. So so precious though and took to breastfeeding great. So fast foward 2 hours my mom just leaves with my other 2 boys and i get moved to my actual room. I feel this huge gush. I ring and all the sudden i am getting needles jabbed into my legs more iv's they are pushing on my stomach so hard i litterally screamed then the worse part of all of it my doctor litterally shoved her hands up inside me and started pulling blood clots out. I screamed and cried and next thing i know they shoot me with something for pain then i cant see i cant hear anything i can barely move. It took about 2 hours for them to get the bleeding to stop. Now i lay here in quite a bit of pain hoping that it doesnt start back up. I cant sleep i can barely move. 3rd baby here. Never expected this kind of birth story. If you made it this far thank you. Here is my chunky boy.