Always worrying about my supply

Jenna • Mommy to a beautiful baby girl. Chloe Marie // 10-03-19 ❤️

I am literally always worried about my supply. So, my baby girl is 6 weeks old and she has a cold AND thrush. She hasn’t been feeding well or frequently. For example, tonight she fell asleep right after eating at 9:45 PM and didn’t wake up to eat until 2:00 AM. When she did wake up, she only ate for 5 minutes on one side!! All yesterday when she ate, it would only be for about 5 minutes on one side and then she was done..... I not only worry about my supply dropping because of this, but I worry that she isn’t getting enough food and will start to lose weight..... what do you think? Are my worries logical? Or should I stop worrying?? HELP!