Gyn said I have endometrioma cysts... painful sex, HELP!


Hey girls,

So I’ve been ttc for a few months. I went to the gyno because my androgens are high and she did a vaginal ultrasound for the first time and saw cysts on both ovaries. About 7-8cm. She said I need to remove them. She ordered a lab AMH Or something which measures the egg reserve (?) and it came out within normal range for fertile women... so my ovaries are NOT destroyed by the cysts.

Usually when I have sex the day after my period ends, it stings and hurts. It isn’t fun for me. This time, it burned REALLY BAD. I don’t know if its because of the cyst (i wouldn’t think so bc sex has been fine for me lately, just bad right after my period). I took fluconazole a few weeks ago for a yeast infection so I wasn’t expecting this amount of discomfort. Does anyone else have really bad stinging during sex right after their period ends? Its been a week of no sex so maybe it got super tight too, but I just came right before sex so it should’ve been easier/more relaxed, but it was the worst. I still feel some burning even after.