Sorry it’s a long one!!

2 weeks ago my partner went out for his friends birthday, I couldn’t go, we’d just found out I was pregnant, bright lights and loud music isn’t my thing anyway, I don’t drink either, plus I didn’t get invited (because my partner knows I wouldn’t want to go).

Anyway, the next day he returns with stories about how he ended up looking after a girl all night, and how he had his arm around her in a friendly way and how he’d fallen out with a friend because he’d mentioned my partner had a girlfriend and my partner was just trying to look out for this girl... who was supposed to be going back to a hotel with one of his mates and had been throwing herself at his other mates half the night 😒

I’m almost 8 weeks pregnant, and I’m finding this situation really upsetting, I don’t know if I’m over reacting and it’s my hormones?

I have to add one of my oldest friends who I’ve known since being 4 was also out that night and hasn’t told me anything, so I also feel betrayed by him too.

My partner and I had a discussion about this last night and he ended upset, he said making me feel this way is the last thing he wanted. Before that day I never thought he’d hurt me, but the thought of him with his arm around a girl (who’s last name he’s doesn’t know 🙄) really hurts.

He left me last night saying I should think about things and get back to him, he went to his mums. Today he’s hardly talking to me.

I do know it’s not like he cheated on me or lied to me, I just feel betrayed.

Am I over reacting? Would you feel betrayed?

Any advice I’d be grateful