Leaving job


So I was back in forth in deciding when I wanted to take maternity leave but these past few weeks working long shifts back to back made up my indecisive mind. I have been in so much pain. So yesterday after rush, I went and spoke with my manager about giving her 2 weeks and at that point I'll be almost 38 weeks and she was totally understanding but was like can you work another week, I told so and so they could go on vacation because you'll be having a baby the following week, I've already started cutting your hours. Like really not bitching because ive made it clear I'm taking it easy the next few weeks to a lot of people and not going to overwork myself. Working in food you will find that it doesn't matter, if people see YOU picking up the slack they will let you. Doesn't matter if you 8-9 months pregnant 😂 but I feel like what if if I go into labor early? Shouldn't she have accounted for that? Like the last few weeks anything could happen. I'm a first time mom so I actually have it in my mind set he could be comming late. But also disappointed I wont have 2 weeks to rest and finish last minute things, but that part is entirely my fault because I didn't have my shit figured out sooner.. oh the stress 🤪