IUD, ovulation, IBS


I've been having some horrible cramps around when I would typically ovulate, even with the IUD apparently my hormones like to fight back and still spit or attempt to spit an egg out. My whole family is like this which is why I still use condoms. We arent trying to have a kid. But these cramps affect even my ability to take a piss or shit, which I know would also help these cramps feel better if I could just drop a deuce and be done with it.

I have IBS issues and hemorrhoids from hell. These parts being so close to each other makes it hard to think straight let alone not snap at my man. Any insights on what might help my cramps? I'm a tea drinker for the most part. Oh and absolutely no goldenrod. I do indeed have an allergy to the plant no one should have an allergy to. It's a family allergy.

I regularly wear amethyst, and moonstone, and ruby. I do all the usual crap to alleviate these pains so it just sucks when they do come around.