Lmaoooo story time.... POAS Addict problems

So I go to Walmart to get some 88cent tests

However I currently don’t have my vehicle because my husbands truck is in the shop for repairs

My husband had to take my vehicle to work out of state (he’ll be gone with the vehicle for 2-3 weeks)

So I planned my trip for today. I’ve waited all week to go and get groceries and grab some tests

I had to take Uber so of course I needed to get tests on this trip. I test early as hell and don’t wanna waste money on blue dye so I NEEDED the 88cent ones

I get to the mother******* isle and THERES NONE

I instantly start getting extremely pissed off

Frustrated because I don’t have a vehicle to be able to just come back another day.

Frustrated that all the other women TTC around here have bought up all the tests leaving me with none

Frustrated cause know I’m gonna test too early so I refuse to waste money on first response

Frustrated because as I’m standing in the isle feeling mad af and multiple women bumped into me with their carts like I was invisible

Frustrated that the woman looking at vagisil is in my way so I can’t get closer to check if there’s a chance maybe there’s one pushed back and maybe I just can’t see it

Frustrated because I’m not gonna spend more money to Uber to the dollar store

So here I am, mad as hell and realized

Whenever something isn’t available at Walmart I check around the area

Finally vagisil leaves and I get my opportunity to look


A test down on the bottom shelf behind the rows of condoms. It’s fallen out of place and is behind the shelving wedged between the connecting shelving unit

Y’all... you already know my ass was on the damn floor digging and reaching all the way to the back to grab it. Pushing all the boxes of condoms outta my way to get that test 😂😂 AND GUESS WHAT

there were 2 more!!!!! so I got three of them total and I’m ashamed of who I’ve become as I leave Walmart, with dirt on my knees from crawling on the floor to get the cheap pregnancy tests