I know im crazy but....

Samantha • One Baby Girl 💕

My baby has been sleeping through the night the past 4 weeks.. and i'm slowly forgetting the sleep deprivation. Plus my meds are making me feel more nornal (diagnosed with ppd & ppa). So... now i'm thinking.. maybe a second one in the next couple of months wouldnt be so bad 😂😂😂😂 I. Am. Crazy.

For those curious.. babe is 11 weeks. Sleeps in love to dream swaddle up (LIFESAVER) with white noise and pitch black in her crib in her own room. Bedtime is 9ish and she wakes up at 7:30/8. We change (overnight diaper), feed, rock in dark. She settles on her own with shushing (youtube video i play on my phone) and she sucks her hand (well... swaddle). I dont go to her unless she cries. IT DOES GET BETTER