First time anal was random


Me and my boyfriend were having sex, it was a day before his birthday so we were in a super romantic vibe. He started with oral sex, which got me so in the mood and I ended up having an orgasm, then we were just getting ready for sex, when He turns me over, he was sort of teasing me with his dick lol... but for some reason, It was like a natural thing, like we both telepathically wanted to try anal so we did, and I was surprised with how easy it felt. Like super natural, and I was super turned on. This doesn’t mean that it didn’t hurt, it did. But the connection was far more intense. He was so patient with me and took things slow and I think that’s the key to feeling less tense. We didn’t plan to have anal sex so I felt a little unprepared. Out salivas worked great as lube, but what do you gals recommend for anal preparation? We both want to try again soon. But I just want to be prepared. I feel like I fell deeper in love with him, and I’ve been with him two years. Just the dominance he had over me, was the hottest thing ever. Has this ever happened to any of you? A random anal session?