I’m going crazy !


LMC - September 24 to 29.

I do NOT remember having an October period and usually I’m REALLY good at remembering and putting it in Flo.

I’ve racked my brains for a week. Flo app says I’m 23 days late and I’m around ~35 DPO.

I NEVERRRR get period symptoms. Ever. No boobs. No cramps. I wake up and there it is. But nothing yet.

I have tested three times all at once (late in the day) and all BFN.

I FEEL like there are pregnancy symptoms;

• No period (YET, idk).

• Acid reflux today (like crazy! It was an all day thing when I was 30-ish weeks with my son 4 years ago).

• Gassy.

• HUNGRY (I usually don’t eat, but maybe dinner).

• My boobs feel ... weird? I really don’t know how to describe it. Cross between sensitive and sore.

• Cramps that don’t hurt, but feel like it’s moving.

• Headache (I usually only get migraines).

Am I crazy? Or is there anyone else that tested positive later in the game?

(With my son, I was blatant positive day of missed. I tested only because I peed a lot that day. So maybe this is all mental.)